Opening Up the Ivy League with Finals Club

As part of the ongoing Radio Free Learning podcast series here at Mission to Learn I recently caught up with Andrew Magliozzi, founder of FinalsClub.org. For the past year or so, FinalsClub has been shaking up Harvard by providing a site where students can access notes from courses offered at the venerable institution. More recently, Magliozzi has added community features to the FinalsClub site, begun the process of establishing nonprofit status for the organization, and has started to add other institutions like Brown to his note-taking efforts.

In this discussion, Magliozzi and I discuss the evolution of the Finals Club and the implications of its work.

Here’s the MP3 file link in case you do not see the audio player below (or click through to the original blog post).


Download MP3 file (24:18)

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Jeff Cobb
Mission to Learn

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