Where to Find Free Computer Programming Education Online

Learn Computer Programming-Earn MoreWith so many people looking to pick up new skills in a tough job market, now seems like a good time to offer guidance on where to find valuable training for free. Here’s a post from Karen Schweitzer with 10 places to find computer programming education.

Computer programmers are employed by every industry imaginable. If you have been thinking about programming as a career, or if you simply have an interest in this area of technology, you can begin your studies online. There are many different universities and other education resources that provide free courses, lessons, and tutorials for self-learners. Here are 10 free computer programming courses and sites to explore:

Intro to Computer Science and Programming – This free online course from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is perfect for students who have little to no programming experience. The course is self-paced and includes video lectures, assignments, and exams with solutions.

Introduction to Computers and Programming – Written by a professor at the Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HCMUT), this free introductory course teaches users the basics of structured programming and object-oriented programming. The course is designed for students with no previous programming knowledge.

Computer Science Course – Anyone can participate in this free computer science course from the University of California-Berkeley. The course focuses on both operating systems and programming and is presented through a series of audio and video lectures.

Object-Oriented Programming in C++ – Designed for students with basic programming knowledge, this free online course from the University of Southern Queensland introduces students to object-oriented programming through multiple learning modules, lectures, assignments, and an exam.

Carlhprogramming Course – Created for everyone–from programming novices to masters–this free programming course is a real-time Reddit course with more than 100 lessons. New lessons are constantly being added and old lessons are archived so that users can study at their own pace.

C++ Learning Center – The University of Cambridge’s C++ Learning Center is an excellent starting place for anyone who wants to learn C++ or improve their current skills. The center provides tutorials, answers to frequently asked questions, general reference materials, and much more.

The Java Tutorials – Sun offers this series of Java Tutorials for programmers who are interested in using the Java language to create computer applications. The tutorials provide a comprehensive introduction to new programmers and useful tips for more advanced programmers.

Programming Tutorials – ProgrammingTutorials.com is a no-frills site with hundreds of great online tutorials, lessons, and how-to’s. More than 300 resources are available in all, covering everything from C++ and JavaScript to XML.

Free-Ed.net Programming Courses – Free-Ed.net provides several free computer programming and web programming courses for self-learners. Each course includes an online textbook that is easy to read and understand.

Free Tech Books – Free Tech Books links to free tech books all over the web. Budding programmers can find free ebooks covering functional programming, object-oriented programming, concurrent programming, logic programming, and other computer programming topics.

Guest post from education writer Karen Schweitzer. Karen is the About.com Guide to Business School. She also writes about online school for OnlineSchool.net.

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