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Brain Training: 25+ Sites and Tools to Exercise Your Brain

Brain Training - Image of a Brain Connected to Laptop

Brain training – finding ways to stretch and exercise your brain – is important for a long happy life. Fortunately, the Internet is flush with games, tools, and web apps that will boost your mental power and leave your brain sweating. Here are 25 sites to try today:

Brain Training Games

BrainBashers – BrainBashers are a collection of brain teasers, riddles, games, puzzles, and optical illusions. This impressive brain game site updates games and puzzles regularly.

BrainDen.com – This brain teaser site provides a variety of games and trivia to challenge your mind. BrainDen.com offers jokes, puzzles, trivia, riddles, games, and optical illusions–all designed to exercise your brain.

Sharp Brains – Sharp Brains provides 50 top brain training teasers and games everyone will enjoy. These games help to work your language, logic, math, memory, and attention skills.

Braingle – With over 17,000 user-rated brain training games, Braingle is the perfect place to boost your brain power. As an added bonus, this site also offers exercises to increase memory, vocabulary, creativity, and stress management.

Brain Metrix – Brain Metrix is designed to build brain fitness. The site can increase your memory, reflex, and concentration through a collection of brain training activities.

Brain Teaser Central – Brain Teaser Central is a good place to stretch your brain with logic, math, illusions, games, puzzles, trivia, and more.

Fit Brains – Fit Brains is a site with fun, free games that exercise five key cognitive brain areas: memory, executive, visual-spatial, concentration, and language.

Brain Teasers Network – With daily brain teasers and an assortment of popular and challenging games, Brain Teaser Network is a handy site for building mental capacity.

Oxbrain – Oxbrain offers lateral thinking puzzles and crossword puzzles. These custom-made crossword puzzles are entertaining and educational.

Playwithyourmind.com – This site contains over 100 original brain games & exercises including a brain training fitness program, a memory workout, and daily competitions.(Added from comments to the original post)

Thinks.com – Thinks.com offers several fun games to challenge your brain, including crosswords, word searches, jigsaw puzzles, chess, and brain teasers.

Brain Boosting Techniques

Speed Reading – Speed reading is a great way to boost your brain power for sales, education, and careers. This free speed reading course builds memory and comprehension.

Increase Brain Power – Increase Brain Power offers five simple and easy-to-use techniques for increasing your comprehension and memory.

About.com – This site features 10 useful strategies for improving your memory. These techniques are simple to incorporate into everyday life.

Illumine Training – Illumine Training offers workshops to increase creativity, mental agility, and concentration. The workshop on mind mapping is an excellent way to expand your mind and organize ideas.

Fun-with-words.com – This mnemonics page from Fun-with-words.com offers three different mnemonics to retain important information like words, numbers, and names.

Web Apps

Flash Card Machine – Flash cards are a super way to study and retain important information. Flash Card Machine features a free web app for creating and sharing your own flash cards.

OuTWIT me – This free Twitter app contains games for improving and exercising your mind. OuTWIT me features games like Code cracker, Tweet word, Tweet quiz, and Story teller.

Imagination Cubed – Looking for a way to exercise your creative side? Check out this free app from GE. It allows you to illustrate and share your ideas with free drawing tools.

Mindmeister – Mindmeister is a brainstorming app that increases your brain power through creative thinking. The app allows you to organize and visualize your ideas through mind mapping.

Twivia – Twivia is a Twitter app that exercises your memory through daily trivia questions.

Misc Tools

LibriVox – Books are an excellent way to keep your brain fit and active. LibriVox offers lots of free audio books to keep your mind moving.

Visuwords – Visuwords creates a visual neural network to demonstrate how words associate with one another–a great way to exercise your memory and build your vocabulary.

Creative Writing Prompts – Creative writing makes connections with your thoughts, ideas, and the world around you. This site of writing prompts will give your creative side a major workout.

Popling – Popling is a desktop app for people who want to learn without studying. It regularly displays small windows with questions on your computer screen so that you can learn languages, chemistry, geography, and more without really trying.

WebMD – Exercise is the best way to keep your body and mind healthy. WebMD illustrates how exercise can make you think clearly and perform better.

For a whole collection of great games and other activities to exercise your brain, be sure to check out Marbles: The Brain Store. If it’s about making your brain better, Marbles has it – and it’s a great place to find gifts.
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Beautiful Mind Games says

Another good site with logic games: https://bmgomg.com

Abbey Wang says

Thanks for sharing the list very helpful.

Brain training games says

Thanks a lot for your list, I can only suggest that you add new brain training games site https://Gamentis.com to the list.

Your Survival Guide to a Healthy Mind and Body » Survival Insight says

[…] Laugh a lot. 11) Exercise your brain. Check out this article for links to some great websites and apps. 12) Wash your hands. 13) Avoid temptation by cleaning […]

Your Survival Guide to a Healthy Mind and Body says

[…] Laugh a lot. 11) Exercise your brain. Check out this article for links to some great websites and apps. 12) Wash your hands. 13) Avoid temptation by cleaning […]

Susan Becker says

Wow! I find this post awesome and informative. Thanks for sharing these sites that is so helpful not only for me but also to those who want to keep a healthy and sharper mind. I also have my website that might also help.

Ryan says

If you like word games then take a wonder on over to creativitygames.net They post a new game each week based upon random words.

dhulipals says

Nice Collection…Thank you very much……..

Louis Kinsbergen says

Good morning, we recently launched our online brain fitness program called BrainGymmer, you can register for free on http://www.braingymmer.com , play free games, take free tests, and upgrade to a premium membership for the full package. I hope you will consider adding us to your list. Thanks, regards, Louis.

Lumosity Brain says

There’s lots of games avaialble online. Personally I’ve found the best way to improve is to find two or three you like and keep repeating. It works for me.

Mr P says

Great tools.
Thank you.

Matthew says

I found this page very interesting and resourceful. I run a site iqtestexperts.com which also contains brain teasers, puzzles, riddles. We also have an IQ test on our site. I was just wondering if you could add my site your page.


Kim says

Ahhh well !! Thanks for suggesting those sites ! I have visited all of them. Yes exercising our brains daily is as important as eating daily ! lol!

Bailey says

This is great! Also check out Lumosity.com

Alex says

thanks a bunch, keep up the good work

Jeff Cobb says

Alex – Thanks for the reminder. I’ve just added it. – Jeff

Alex says

hey Jeff-

I keep coming across this post in my explorations of brain fitness sites, and am anxious to get my site on the list as I think it would be a great resource to include for your readers. Since I last contacted you I have added 4 new games, 5 new memory exercises, a section on brain fitness tips and a lot more. So I ask you again to have a look and consider adding me to your list. Let me know if you have any questions…

Thanks a bunch,

Jeff Cobb says

Thanks for the comment, Alex. We’ll take a look at playwithyourmind.com – Jeff

Alex says

Hi Karen-

Thanks for taking the time to put this list together, it’s got a lot of good links. If you have a moment, please consider adding my site playwithyourmind.com to your Brain Games section. The site contains over 100 original brain games & exercises including a brain fitness program, a memory workout, and daily competitions.

Brain Testing says

Thanks for the 25 sites to improve the brain. All the sites are really relevant with all the required information to develop one’s concentration as well as to boost one’s memory.

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