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10 Ways to Exercise Your Human Right to Learn

How deeply do you appreciate – and take advantage of – the freedom you have to learn and grow continually? This post was originally written for Blog Action Day when the focus was on human

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15 Ways of the Successful Self-Directed Learner

Updated April 29, 2020 The “why” of self-directed learning is survival—your own survival as an individual, and also the survival of the human race.  Clearly, we are not talking here about something

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Are You Degreed in Lifelong Learning?

I’m on a little bit more of a resource kick than usual lately. (See my previous post on EduPunk lifelong learning resources.) That will likely taper off soon, but in the meantime, I’m surprised

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EduPunk Lifelong Learning Resources

This site has disappeared since I published this post, but you can download the EduPunk Guide PDF here and a plain-text ereader version here. Jeff

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Download the Learning Revolutionary’s Toolbox for Free

Do you have knowledge and expertise you want to share with the world – and possibly generate some income while doing it? Do you want to create online courses, educational audio and video, or other

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Are you ready to enter the Shift Age?

What’s the future hold? No matter what the answer to that question, active lifelong learners will be the ones best prepared to handle it. That’s just one of the perspectives that emerges in

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Free online courses keep getting easier to find and manage

Looking for a way to find free online courses and track your progress in them? OnlineCourses.com may be just the ticket. The site provides a searchable online data base that aggregates open courseware

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What’s It Take to Be an Effective Free Range Learner?

Are you a free range learner? If you are reading this post, then chances are pretty high that you are. You probably like to read. You are probably constantly consuming content from a variety of devices

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