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5 Practices to Prime Accelerated Learning

October 29, 2013

If you are reading this blog post, there is a good chance you are someone who likes to learn. Probably even someone who is hungry to learn and would like to learn more than you ever seem to be able to manage. But what can you do about that? Is there really any way to speed […]

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10 Ways to Exercise Your Human Right to Learn

October 16, 2013

How deeply do you appreciate – and take advantage of – the freedom you have to learn and grow continually? This post was written for Blog Action Day, an annual event in which bloggers around the world unite to post about a specific issue. The focus for 2013 was on human rights. It struck me as […]

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15 Ways of the Successful Self-Directed Learner

October 8, 2013

The “why” of self-directed learning is survival—your own survival as an individual, and also the survival of the human race.  Clearly, we are not talking here about something that would be nice or desirable….We are talking about a basic human competence—the ability to learn on one’s own—that has suddenly become a prerequisite for living in […]

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Are You Degreed in Lifelong Learning?

October 2, 2013

I’m on a little bit more of a resource kick than usual lately. (See my previous post on EduPunk lifelong learning resources.) That will likely taper off soon, but in the meantime, I’m surprised I hadn’t noticed this one a lot sooner. Degreed describes itself as a free service that scores and validates your lifelong education […]

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EduPunk Lifelong Learning Resources

September 23, 2013

The EduPunks’ Atlas of Lifelong Learning is a pretty interesting resource that lays out a variety of free options for lifelong learning. Some of these I mentioned long ago on Mission to Learn – e.g., School of Everything, Flat World Knowledge, Zero Tuition College. Others are newer or haven’t received much attention here – e.g., […]

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