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What are your wildly important learning goals?

by Jeff Cobb

I’ve written about goals a number of times here on Mission to Learn, but primarily from the standpoint of setting them. This video from FranklinCovey is about executing them. (Many thanks to Seth Kahan for pointing me to it.) While it is aimed at a business audience, I think you will find that the concepts and key points also translate easily into personal life and learning.

The video starts from the obvious but consistently ignored point that pursuit of our goals is often in direct conflict with the seemingly urgent demands of everyday life. The first step in managing this conflict is to identify no more than three “wildly important” goals (WIGs) to focus on at any given time. Set more than three goals for yourself, and your likelihood of achieving any of them starts to decline to zero pretty quickly.

I’ll leave it to the video to fill you in on how to achieve your 1-3 wildly important goals. It doesn’t offer up any miracle claims or snake oil, just thoughtful common sense that will have a real impact if you follow it. It’s well worth 17 minutes of your time.


posted on June 15, 2011

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